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To experience the best performance of your Netgear Nighthawk Pro gaming router, you must tweak some of its settings. This will ensure that you get the fastest possible wireless connectivity and conjointly lag-free gaming experience. But for that, you need to fo Netgear Nighthawk router login.

And not only this, but router login is also crucially needed when you are looking forward to change your broadband provider. So, independent of whatever your login reason is, in this Nighthawk router login guide, we will help you to login with clear and easy steps.

Let’s initiate the login process now. Router login can be executed either through a PC or using a phone having the dedicated application. Let’s delve in.

Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Login using a PC

It is the most usual way to get into your router. We have two further options for routerlogin using PC. The first one is primary login method.

Method 1: Primary Login

  • Start with clicking on to your best-loved web-browser, however, anyone will do fine.
  • Now enter in the address bar (not into the search bar – a common mistake users generally do.)
  • After you’re done typing any of the above-stated addresses, hit the enter key.
  • A box will appear on the screen demanding your admin username and password. (If you do not see any such box, attempt the second method of login.)
  • Use the credentials you have set to log in and you will be inside the router’s interface.

Method 2: Login through IP

It’s the alternate method, where you use the IP address of the router as the web address of the login portal.

  • The IP address resembles the digital address of the router within the local network.
  • It is a four-figure number having periods within each number. The first two numbers are 192.168 and the last two are of the format This as a whole, take the configuration –
  • You can find your IP address in the user manual of the router. Additionally, the command prompt can also help you with your IP. Just enter “IPCONFIG” and the IP address will appear on your screen.
  • Use this IP address to navigate to the router login portal. Provide your username and password in the prompted box.
  • Tap the enter key and you’ll be golden. Nevertheless, if you are in complete surprise that what on earth your password details are, simply use “admin” as username and password as “password”.

However, if still you are failed to log in, then you must go for password recovery.

Router Login Password Recovery

The password recovery option is a boon for users, especially senior citizens. Provided that, you have enabled it during the router setup. To use this functionality, simply click on “cancel login” from the main login menu.

On the router password recover screen, answers the security questions and the password will appear on your screen. Unfortunately, if you had not enabled the recovery option, the only solution left is the factory reset. Just find the reset button on the device and press it for a minute and then it will be good as new. But note – this time you have to log in using the default credentials provided in the instruction manual.

Help Tip: For any other login related issues, read – How to troubleshoot Netgear router login issues

Router Login using a Phone/ Tablet

For login to router using a phone or tablet, you will need the dedicated application i.e. the Nighthawk application. The old genie app users have to upgrade the application to Nighthawk application. It is available on both – Apple’s app store and Google’s play store.

After the upgrade or installation, open the Nighthawk application. Click on agree to terms and conditions and let the application access your device’s location services. Then use your Netgear account credentials to login. Thereafter use the router admin and password for login. That’s it.

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